Blue Sky is a 1997 installation in Morris Healy Gallery in New York. Large boulders filled the front space called Arrangement of Local Stones. They were arranged according to their shapes and qualities. One large rock punctured the center doorway leading to a second smaller darkened room. In the center of this space was another large flat stone for sitting on. . To the right were 7 large spheres of glass named Largest Blown Sphere. On the wall behind the spheres a video was projected imaging a waterfall and closeups of water from Houston Brook Falls, Maine. To the left hung a TV with video player stripped of their cases playing a video of two lambs being born followed by a sheep shearing.A single text line was placed on the facing wall "The lambs laugh loudly at ridiculous and irresponsible text". This text line references the Book of Revelations


Meg Webster resides in New York

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